Marlena Plebańska

One of the pioneers of Polish e-education, specialising in knowledge management, e-learning, Design Thinking

Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw School of Economics. Expert in STEAM, distance learning and the use of new media in education. Specialist in knowledge management. Leader of Polish e-learning. Author of over one hundred scientific publications and several dozen popular scientific publications in the field of e-education. For 20 years, an inspirer, designer and strategist of e-learning and knowledge management solutions in many Polish enterprises, schools and non-governmental organisations. Manager and consultant of educational and e-learning projects. Researcher, active trainer and lecturer. Pioneer of STEAM in Poland. Author of the first STEAM book in Europe – “STEAM Lessons” and the latest book “STEAM Kindergarten”. Since 2017, initiator and coordinator of the STEAM Poland project, President of the STEAM Poland Foundation.