Dr Krzysztof Misztal

President, diCELLa Sp. z o. o.

Co-founder, president and research and development manager at diCELLa Sp. z o. o., doctor of technical sciences and author of numerous scientific publications, has repeatedly appeared at scientific conferences related to artificial intelligence and computer science.
Winner of awards, including the best doctoral student at the Jagiellonian University, as part of his doctoral thesis Detection and recognition of circular and elliptical patterns.
Using his knowledge and skills, he has repeatedly received grants and financing for numerous research and development projects. Has acted or continues to act on these projects as a project manager or team leader.
His extensive professional experience, both in companies and in the academic environment, allows him to implement new IT systems for everyday use, e.g. in pharmaceutical companies.
In his educational work, he tries to introduce the latest technologies, including: GPT chat, facilitating the acquisition of knowledge by students.