Igor Jankowski

Other Rhythm Association

– Butejko Method Instructor
– Oxygen Advantage Method Instructor
– Wim Hof Method Instructor
– LAP Breathwork Instructor of Pranayama & Meditation
– Pranayama & Meditation Instructor at the studio of Maciej Wielobob
– Vice-President of the Other Rhythm Association

Co-founder of the Inny Rytm Association, which deals with breathing re-education in the community. Another Rhythm is an organisation that deals with respiratory re-education in the community. It is part of the IBF (International Breathwork Foundation). Through the organisation of courses, workshops and trainings for individuals, companies and institutions, it wants to increase knowledge about the theory, practice and influence of conscious breathing on human health. Among other things, she is introducing conscious breathing into the Polish educational system by implementing an educational innovation grant entitled Polish School of Breathing. She also conducts breathing workshops in and around Łódź. She creates an innovation for children and teachers in kindergartens.