Dr Jarema Drozdowicz, prof. UAM

Pedagogue, anthropologist and sociologist of education

Pedagogue, anthropologist and sociologist of education. Member of the Polish Pedagogical Society, Polish Religious Society, Polish Society of Comparative Pedagogy, International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. In his research he deals with issues related to cultural and linguistic diversity, processes of formation of new forms of cultural communities, migration processes and multiculturalism policy in educational contexts. In her research she undertakes qualitative and quantitative analyses in both the Polish and global contexts. Other areas of research interest include issues related to bilingual and multilingual education, cultural theory, contemporary and popular culture, history and theory of upbringing, processes of cultural change, the problem of enculturation and transmission of socio-cultural patterns, integration of immigrants, the problem of social inequality, democratic education, transformations of contemporary religiosity, processes of identity construction and youth subcultures. Contractor in the KBN grant “Elite secondary education in contemporary Europe. A study in sociology of education and comparative pedagogy”. Head of the international research consortium INTERACT.