Dorota Dziamska

Director of the Pedagogical Workshop. prof. Ryszard Więckowski, creator of the pedagogical system of education and therapy “Education Through Movement”

She comes from Poznań, where she graduated in pedagogy from the Adam Mickiewicz University. She was a kindergarten and early school teacher, currently she is a methodological consultant and director of the Pedagogical Workshop. prof. Ryszard Więckowski – teacher training center. He is the founder and president of the board of the Polish Origami Center association. The experience of implementing the art of origami into education as a tool to support the overall development of a child has resulted in the creation of many publications, e.g. the ABC Origami series, as well as methodological books for teachers on the use of paper folding in the teaching process. Her original models of origami art and specialized methods of paper folding, also with the youngest children, e.g. the origami method – fairy tales, were presented at many international origami congresses, including: in Keczkemet and Budapest 1998/1999, in New York 2000, in Eindhoven 2003, Mennorode 2004, Freiburg 2007, and since 2010 also at educators’ congresses in Australia and New Zealand. Dorota Dziamska is one of the most famous and experienced teaching methodologists in Poland and the creator of numerous pedagogical aids for teachers and books for children. Her professional passion is creating unconventional forms of working with children that lead to the satisfaction of the so-called “children’s hunger for movement”. She is the creator of the pedagogical system of education and therapy – Education through movement, which she devoted about 27 years to creating. It popularizes the system in Poland and abroad by conducting practical training and workshops with teachers and creating a series of publications and multimedia aids. He also conducts social activities for children and parents as an expert of the Parents’ Ombudsman Foundation and an expert of the Our Children Association – Together Against Alienation in the Family.